Review of bike gear

Doggy Bag for the Brompton

A simple step by step guidance for a custom bag to fit the Brompton front carrier.

Gilles Berthoud Vars

A new saddle for my horse

The edges of the leather of my old Selle Ananatomica do irritate me when riding the Brompton. So a new saddle has to be found – no easy task.

The Nutter Multi Tool

A Multi Tool for my Brompton

I was looking for a transportable multi tool for some time now and I’m happy with what I got now: The Nutter.

Brompton with Trailer

A Trailer for my Brompton

My new folding bike trailer that fits perfectly to the Brompton. Here he is: the Burley Travoy!

Chain Tensioner

A Custom Chain Tensioner

I’m trying to replace as many of the plastic parts on my Brompton as possible. I don’t like plastic on my bikes. This doesn’t mean that plastic parts don’t do the job they are made for. It’s more a question of personal taste.

copper suspension block

Suspension Tuning

Got a new suspension block for my Brompton. It is called the “British Retro Version” and was build by BikeFun.

Ciclosport CM 4.41 A

A New Cycle Computer

My new Ciclosport CM 4.41 A bike computer mounted on my Brompton.

Wood Nisna Cycles Fender with Pac Man Design

Nisna Cycles Wood Fender

To customize my Brompton is like a desire I can’t control. I have to. No excuses.

When I saw those wooden fenders on Facebook for the first time, I loved them from the first sight. The fenders I saw from Nisna Cycles were not the ones I own now, but very nice designs too – the Pac Man fender transports just everything a computer guy of my age ever dreamed of. They are one of a kind. Great craftsmanship. Perfect.

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Chris King Headset, Mango

Chris King GripNut™

Maybe I overtightened the original headset on my Brompton. I had some play and after fixing it, the added force maybe caused premature wear to the bearings. It is easy to overtighten the headset – this is a job that needs experience, a “feel” for the right torque – but a non pro mechanic has to adjust a headset only once in a year – max – nothing to build up the needed sensitivity.

Anyhow. I had a reason to get a new headset and since I love Chris King headsets (I run one on my Moulton too): that was the place to look for a new one.

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