Wood Nisna Cycles Fender with Pac Man Design

Nisna Cycles Wood Fender

To customize my Brompton is like a desire I can’t control. I have to. No excuses.

When I saw those wooden fenders on Facebook for the first time, I loved them from the first sight. The fenders I saw from Nisna Cycles were not the ones I own now, but very nice designs too – the Pac Man fender transports just everything a computer guy of my age ever dreamed of. They are one of a kind. Great craftsmanship. Perfect.

The installation on the Brompton was not too complicated. I do have a rack on my Brompton – that adds a little bit of complexity (and covers the fenders somehow). I had to cut the metal support of the rear light to mount it higher.

There came two V4A pieces to mount the fenders from Nisna Cycles with a dull grey finish. I polished them to give them a shiny appearance.

That’s it. No more then one hour later the new fenders were fixed.

Some of the images here are © by Nisna Cycles.

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  1. Don
    Don says:


    I’ve also bought an orangish Brompton recently, and am in a customization craze at the moment.
    Although the stock bike is posh in itself, I feel that making it “my own” is a given.

    I’m debating whether to purchase these Pacman fenders.
    Do you have any negative experience with them, either riding or them cracking/bending due ot moisture?
    (I don’t ride in the rain though).

    I just want to be completely sure before I forfeit my $200 for them haha.

    A new visitor,
    Don Lee

      • Don L.
        Don L. says:

        Thanks for the reply!
        I’m buying the light ones too. It seems like it shows off the bike better.

        Happy riding!


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