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Chris King GripNut™

Maybe I overtightened the original headset on my Brompton. I had some play and after fixing it, the added force maybe caused premature wear to the bearings. It is easy to overtighten the headset – this is a job that needs experience, a “feel” for the right torque – but a non pro mechanic has to adjust a headset only once in a year – max – nothing to build up the needed sensitivity.

Anyhow. I had a reason to get a new headset and since I love Chris King headsets (I run one on my Moulton too): that was the place to look for a new one.

The Brompton comes with a threaded fork and the GripNut™ Threaded headset in 1-1/8″ is the perfect solution (if the price tag is not too high for your budget – they are not cheap – around 150 €). The weight is 109g and the color I chose is called “Mango”.

For the proper installation of the cups you need a tool to press the them in (“Bearing Cup Press” around 80 €, “Crown Race Setting System” around 100 €). You will also need a tool to remove the parts of the old headset (“Head Cup Remover” around 40 €). Those tools are more expensive then the new headset. So I asked my local bike shop to install the new headset for me.

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  1. formal gowns dillards
    formal gowns dillards says:

    Really nice design and style and excellent subject matter, hardly anything else we want : D.

  2. Karl
    Karl says:

    Hi Detlef, Very nice website! I have just purchased a new headset for my Brompton (the Alloy option that Brompton supply themselves). My plan was to fit it myself, but having reviewed a couple of Youtube videos of folks changing headsets it seems that ideally some professional level (and expensive) tools are required. On the other hand a colleague has suggested some techniques that he uses (for road bikes) involving hammers and blocks of wood, which sound feasible. Did you change your own headset, and if so how did you do it and how easy was it?

    • Detlef
      Detlef says:

      Hi Karl,

      as I wrote: I asked my local bike shop to install the new headset for me. They charged 20,- EUR for it. You get the old headset out with a hammer and a pole – and some force. You can push the new one in with a hammer and some wood to protect the headset. I did this once – it worked by it was no “professional” feeling working this way.


  3. Antonio
    Antonio says:

    hi, i’m spanish..sorry for my english :-)

    i wish to change brompton headset for Chris King gripnut headset…but, i found this information:

    -Brompton headset, crown race 29.8 mm

    -chris King, standard crown race 30.1

    but, offers two more crown race (undersized 0.1mm or undersized 0.2mm, that would be the closest to the original measures).

    My question is for those who have installed a Chris King headset, if the Chris King standard crown race works or i have to buy undersized 0.2 mm crown race.



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