Brake Lever Update

Step by Step: Mounting the all new 2013 brake levers on my Brompton.

My new wall mount stand

Expensive (around 200 €), but a perfect solution… from Park Tools – called PRS-4W-2.

The wall mounting plate is 15cm x 6cm and fixed with two mounting bolts. The stand uses what Park Tools calls “the 100-3D Micro-Adjustable clamp”. This clamp allows adjusting the clamping pressure in a very sensitive manner. I use the seat post of my Brompton to mount it.

The stand is a rock steady solution – quick entry and no legs to run over. I like it a lot.

6-speed gear ranges and ratios

My orange Brompton came with the standard 6-speed option. Here are my thoughts about the change to a -12% setup.

torque wrench

Brompton torque values

A collection of torque values for the Brompton. Some are really important and it is always a good idea to use a torque wrench.