Panorama: German Moulton distributor

This is the home of the German Moulton distributor – nice neighborhood for the lovely Moultons: Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Minis.


DIY: Garmin Edge 305 on a Moulton AM

I faced massive problems when I tried to mount a wireless computer on my Moulton. The distance between the handle bar and the front tire is too big – too big for most solutions from Cateye, VDO or Polar.

Moulton on a Taxc repair stand

Repair Stand for the Moulton AM

A very simple problem to solve this time. I was looking for a perfect repair stand for my Moulton AM. I don’t want something that clamp the Moulton. The force applied to the clamps could damage the seatpost and they are not very comfortable to work with.

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