Chris King Headset, Mango

Chris King GripNut™

Maybe I overtightened the original headset on my Brompton. I had some play and after fixing it, the added force maybe caused premature wear to the bearings. It is easy to overtighten the headset – this is a job that needs experience, a “feel” for the right torque – but a non pro mechanic has to adjust a headset only once in a year – max – nothing to build up the needed sensitivity.

Anyhow. I had a reason to get a new headset and since I love Chris King headsets (I run one on my Moulton too): that was the place to look for a new one.

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6-speed gear ranges and ratios

My orange Brompton came with the standard 6-speed option. Here are my thoughts about the change to a -12% setup.

torque wrench

Brompton torque values

A collection of torque values for the Brompton. Some are really important and it is always a good idea to use a torque wrench.