Brompton with Trailer

A Trailer for my Brompton

My new folding bike trailer that fits perfectly to the Brompton. Here he is: the Burley Travoy!

Brake Lever Update

Step by Step: Mounting the all new 2013 brake levers on my Brompton.

Chain Tensioner

A Custom Chain Tensioner

I’m trying to replace as many of the plastic parts on my Brompton as possible. I don’t like plastic on my bikes. This doesn’t mean that plastic parts don’t do the job they are made for. It’s more a question of personal taste.

copper suspension block

Suspension Tuning

Got a new suspension block for my Brompton. It is called the “British Retro Version” and was build by BikeFun.

Withings Pulse

Track Me – Withings Pulse

A short review of my new activity tracker – a Withings Pulse.

Ciclosport CM 4.41 A

A New Cycle Computer

My new Ciclosport CM 4.41 A bike computer mounted on my Brompton.

Chain Pusher

Brompton shifting problems

If you run a 2- oder 6-speed Brompton, you may run into problems with shifting between the two rear sprockets.

cuff links

Pac Man Cuff Links

Preparing my outfit for the Brompton World Championship (BWC) 2013 I just run over a pair of lovely cuff links.

I liked them right off the bat. Perfect fit for my Pac Man fenders. Now I need a appropriate shirt – that’s one small step for man… one… giant leap for a Bromptoneer.

Less then two weeks until the BWC 2013. Got my train ticket from Cologne to Chichester. My Brompton is nearly ready to rumble. I will do a last service on the next weekend.

Hopefully my registration worked – I registered on the first day after the web form went online. Got an auto reply email from PayPal that Bikesoup Limited has received my payment. That’s it so far – never heard anything else from Orbital Festival (the organizer).

Update: uuhhhhh – sad news (at least for myself): can’t go to the BWC this year… <sniff>

DIY: a bag for my pedal

A DIY bag to store the de-attachable pedal during the transport of the folded Brompton.